Government Customer Support

Government Customer Support

  • For questions on how to use the applications in the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment refer to the Web Based Training for the specific application by clicking the Help Training button on the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment Homepage.

  • For questions or concerns with the information on your contract or the current status of an existing payment request, please contact your Contracting Officer.

  • WAWF NOTE: The Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment Helpdesk CANNOT take any action on your WAWF document.
  • For payment status, please validate the invoice in question is in a processed status in the WAWF application. If your invoice/receiving report/combo/voucher etc is in a processed status, please contact DFAS for payment information or go the myInvoice application, which is now a part of Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment, or contact DFAS for payment information.

  • Agency Name System Name Agency Primary Email Commercial Telephone Commercial Fax DSN Telephone
    EDA Help EDA disa.global.servicedesk.mbx.eb-ticket-requests@mail.mil 866-618-5988
    IUID Help IUID Iuid.helpdesk@dla.mil 269-961-4745
    myInvoice Help MINV dfas.dscc.jjh.mbx.cco-esolutions-myinvoice@mail.mil
    Air Force Acquisition Helpdesk - PIEE WAWF usaf.pentagon.saf-aq.mbx.saf-aqci-workflow@mail.mil
    Navy Help Desk WAWF dfas.cleveland-oh.ztc.mbx.ccl-ec-navy-wawf-helpdesk@mail.mil 800-756-4571 opt 6
    DCMA Help Desk WAWF servicecenter@dcma.mil
    DFAS Help Desk WAWF https://www.dfas.mil/dfas/AskDFAS/DoDAAC.html
    DLA Help Desk WAWF wawf@dla.mil
    SPM HELP WAWF disa.global.servicedesk.mbx.eb-ticket-requests@mail.mil 866-618-5988
    Army Help Desk WAWF dfas.dscc.jac.mbx.army-wawf-helpdesk@mail.mil
    Air Force Help Desk WAWF saf.fmpaffso.customerservice@us.af.mil 937-257-3117 312-3117
    NASA GAM Help WAWF HQ-WAWF@mail.nasa.gov
    USMC Help Desk WAWF usmcwawfhelpdesk@saic.com 800-520-1363 opt 3

    Technical Help

  • If you are experiencing technical problems with Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment, please contact the DISA DECC Ogden Electronic Business Service Desk or click on the link under the Agency Name column below to submit your issue to the Ogden Help Desk.

  • Agency Name System Name Agency Primary Email Commercial Telephone Commercial Fax DSN Telephone
    Ogden Help Desk WAWF disa.global.servicedesk.mbx.eb-ticket-requests@mail.mil 866-618-5988, 801-605-7095 801-605-7453